Who Are The Presidio 27?

Who are the Presidio 27?

We remember their names and honor their service, sacrifice, and courage to resist injustice.

Richard “Rusty” Bunch
b.1949 – d.1968

An AWOL soldier shot and killed by a guard at the Presidio stockade for skipping away from a work detail, October 11, 1968. Growing up in Ohio he played Little League baseball, bowled, rode a motorcycle, dated a lot of girls. He enlisted at seventeen when his best friend was drafted.

Photo of a memorial stone at Richard Bunch's grave
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Lindy Blake

John David Colip

Ricky Lee Dodd

Richard Duncan

Richard Lee Gentile

Billy Hayes

Michael “Mole” Marino

Keith Mather

Michael Murphy

Louis Osczepinski

Walter Pawlowski

Roy Pulley

Larry Reidel

Randy Rowland

Alan Rupert

Larry Lee Sales

Francis “Ed” Schiro

Danny Seals

Buddy Shaw

Nesrey Dean Sood

Ricky Stevens

Harold Swanson

Ernest Trefethen

Danny Wilkins

Patrick Wright

Ed Yost

Larry Zaino